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Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc. (CRL)

Member Type: Clinical Laboratory Testing Services

Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc. (CRL) performs hundreds of thousands of tests every day for clients large and small. We have dedicated facilities in North America and Europe, with over 275,000+ square-feet of laboratories, logistics and office space. Our staff of over 450 associates work around-the-clock to process and report results seven days a week. We serve many of the largest organizations in the world in retail, transportation, pharmaceutical, healthcare and finance. We analyzed over 100 million tests in the past year alone and have a capacity of over 300 million tests per year.

Yet you may have never heard our name. Our mission isn’t to be the most recognized laboratory in the world, but the best. We aim to work behind the scenes to provide our clients a competitive edge. And for over thirty years CRL has succeeded in that mission, delivering personalized service and customized solutions to our clients, while quietly growing to become one of the leading laboratories in the world.

And despite our size and our success, we’ve never lost sight of our core values or our future direction. Under the same core management for more than two decades, we have built a financially-strong business by embracing our 9 cultures and values, remembering Each and Every Sample is a Life Entrusted to Our Care®, and by Serving One Another.

As a result, CRL is more than just a lab. We are an undisputed leader in laboratory testing and a trusted partner to the clients we serve. Whether your needs are modest or extensive, one sample a month or thousands of tests every day, CRL has the quality, expertise and capacity to meet your needs and the passion and commitment to care for every sample you entrust to us.

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