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About PMC Science Policy

High on the list of breakthroughs expected to transform medicine is personalized medicine – the use of new methods of molecular analysis to better manage a patient’s disease or predisposition to disease. Personalized medicine is likely to change the way drugs are developed and medicine is prescribed. Yet many technological and financial systems that will support personalized medicine are not yet in place. The mission of the PMC is to build the foundation that underpins the advancement of personalized medicine as a viable solution to the challenges of efficacy, safety and cost. 

The PMC Science Policy Committee

The Science Policy committee evaluates the emerging applications of science and technology in personalized medicine, and serves as an advisory resource for other committees and for the PMC. It helps guide policies that govern work products and programs related to personalized medicine in an effort to advance personalized medicine in the public sphere. The committee also reviews material published on the PMC website and in the PMC's other publications for scientific and technical accuracy. The work of the committee will focus on: 

    • Developing several new areas of policy for PMC including
      • The clinical practice of personalized medicine o 
      • NIH funding and policy
      • Novel clinical trial design
      • Health IT, EHR integration and learning health systems
      • Next generation sequencing (NGS) regulatory science
      • Bioethics
    • Incorporating genomic-related advances into PMC programs, and disseminate these developments 
    • Identifying and discussing significant emerging science, clinical, and technology issues and trends 
    • Fostering an open, collaborative system involving all critical stakeholders in the clinical advancement of Personalized Medicine, bringing diverse institutions and individuals together into an integrated, efficient, and innovative effort, thus moving forward discoveries to benefit all members.

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